cat knit chart

Cat Chart - free knit

I am looking for new things and this time I tried to creat a pattern. What pattern is the cutes of them all? A cat pattern. I tried to work it out on the hat, but I am not the best at it so instead I knit this piece, although I will knit it properly on a hat or some sort of a cover.


This is my first toy that I knitted not crocheted (here horses that I made ages ago). I was looking for some cool present for a new born baby and could not come up with anything. Therefore, I have thought of knitting something and of course what came to my mind was that I would love to do something that I have never done before. Baby & Toddler KNITS made easy, more than 50 projects [hard copy] [ebook], I bought ages ago and I fall in love with it from the moment I quickly browsed through it. I may do a quick review of this book to show you what is in it and what my future project from this book would be if I had more time (well who knows if there is a will there is a way ñ maybe some giveaway will motivate me to make something from it for you). Leave a comment below if you would like to.