Socks for Me - 3 mistakes

Learning process, therefore don't make the same mistakes. Over all the technique although I say free patter how to knit two socks at a time you can find here.

knit Blue SOCKS for my mum

It is something about knitting socks. First I thought it will be hard, as needles are so small, but it is kind of relaxing. If you are interested to knit socks on circular needles with magic loop here really good Mina Philipp's FREE PATTERN Would like to knit another one but I need to plan a hat for February's giveaway hat.

knit Mina's Two At A Time SOCKS technique SOCKS for Sebastian

Let the world know that there is an easier way, at least for me to knit socks. If you are a sufferer of a second yarn syndrome or just like me when you knit your mind wonders around and you forget what you are actually doing with needles I HIGHLY recommend this technique. By the way it is FOR FREE thanks to such talented knitter as Mina Philipp, check her knitting podcast.

Chunky SOCKS for my mum

Ages ago I was making socks like crazy from the same pattern. However, that was a long, a very long time ago. I made this pair for my mum, as she wanted socks one day.I could not resist her charm. I really want to make a proper pair with 2.75mm needles but as I did not have time to make one I had to use 7mm. Therefore, chunky version is first.