knit SOCKS - KPCyarn

Hi everyone, I have a few balls of KPCyarn I was lucky enough to be gifted some of their yarns for test knit. I would love to share that love with you too so check my next knittingILove Podcast ep 25 as not only I will be giving away some yarn but also a project bag. Oh my, I can't wait to see who will win that!!!!

knit Plain Vanilla SOCKS

There is no pattern for this. I will write down how I knitted these socks. The only pattern that I used, which is a pay for pattern is Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. Watch video as I am telling you how many stitches I cast on and what toe decreases I do. Below you can find video from my shopping where I got Drops Fabel yarn and also another video in which I am showing you 30 mini hats which I knitted in 2015 and explain you a little bit why did I do it. Happy Watching :)

knit Fine and Dandy SOCKS by The Sweater Co.

It is a Pay Pattern but under €1 - knit Fine and Dandy SOCKS by The Sweater Co.. My FIRST TIME EVER toe up socks!!! What I like about it is that we cast on ash 8sts and we knit, second of all we can without any worry knit as long calf as we want. I may change to this knitting technique / style from now on :) Love it. The pattern itself is quite easy I think I just misunderstood one word, it happens if English is not your first language, but as I heard about this pattern from other podcasters I knew that it is quite simple.

Now, go and treat yourself or spoil someone random person or someone you like - it is less than a coffee.

knit Brownie's SOCKS Recipe for me

I love this pattern Paid Pattern - Brownie's Socks Recipe designed by BrownieKnits. There are two variations of ribbing, calf, one for heel, two for foot and toes.

When I started I just couldn't stop. Love it and I am SO DELIGHTED with the pattern and my work :)

knit Seb's SOCKS

You can find below KALs that I take part in. If someone recommends me to participate with others and I haven't mentioned them in the video I will add them here too (fingers crossed I won't forget). To ALL SOCK KNITTERS - enjoy every stitch.

knit Hermione's Everyday SOCKS

The most famous sock pattern EVER and for FREE - Hermione's Everyday SOCKS designed by Erica Lieder.

I love the pattern, I love all those blues and don't really mind the size of stripes. The only thing that did not click was the quality of yarn - I found some section of a "string" yarn and unfortunately did not disappear after blocking. The second thing was that one stripe colour was missing and the socks did not end up the same.