My First Christmas SOCKS - KnitPicks, HiyaHiya

My FRIST EVER Christmas sock. I received this beautiful yarn from Amber from The Yarn Hoarder Podcast. I am speechless thank you. I think I could pull this off and wear these socks during the Christmas Day but also on St Patricks day too - green, white, orange - an Irish flag. First time I did an Afterthought Heel, cut the yarn in the middle to insert the heel, used Christmas colour way and used stripe yarn for the whole socks. WOW!. I give 3 out of 5 points to 9inch HiyaHiya needles at the moment. I need to knit at least 3 or 4 pairs to decide do I like to knit with them or not.

knit Christmas Present SOCKS - Nako Boho yarn

My suggestion what to knit for Christmas Present would be SOCKS. You always need them and if you love them you would stick your feet up and enjoy the colours if not the warmth and knowledge that someone spent so much time to knit something for you will melt your heart. That's why I knitted a pair of Socks for Sebastian. I did 64sts, *k2, p2* ribbing for 20 rows and stockinet stitch plus Fish Lips Kiss Heel - paid for pattern for 1$ or in Ireland approx €1.23. I used Nako Boho yarn BUT, big BUT I cut some sections as I prefer it without them. Lovely knit, happy thoughts and another Finish Object.

knit Mr & Mrs SOCKS - Schoeller Stahl and Drops Fabel yarn

Here are both pairs of socks made with the same yarn but for two different people - Sebastian and I. These socks are a special knit as I knit them during our 10th Wedding Anniversary traveling from Ireland to Poland, in Poland and back. I just wanted to show you that with the same yarn and some contrast yarn you can knit two pairs of socks for two adults with no problem whatsoever! And you can notice that I could my ankle socks a little bit longer as I have some left overs if I haven't knitted both socks from the top down.

knit Diagon Alley SOCKS by Mina Philipp - Regia

Check pattern Diagon Alley SOCKS by Mina Philipp. I had to try Mina's sock pattern as she is a Sock Knitting Quinn not only she has a head full of new patterns and designs but she knits so so so so SO fast :) I just had to knit at least one and now I know that it will not only be the only one. To what I couldn't resist the most the sale she had during her birthday so I would encourage you to follow her on Instagram and her Knitting Expat Podcast.

knit Wave Ankle SOCKS - needles KnitPro Zings - yarn unknown

First Time Ever Ankle Socks. I just had to used to KnitPro Zings DPNs but other than that so nice. The pattern will be for FREE hopefully soon Wave Ankle SOCKS by knittingILove so please comment or PM me to speed things up if you want to knit these socks. I used Fish Lips Kiss heel and as you know by now it is a paid for pattern I will include something else in this pattern. Quite a marine theme for this pair - like ropes and waves :)

knit Basket Rib from Socktacular KnitPicks - yarn KnitPicks Felici Ever After

Hello everyone, if you have watched my short FO video I promised you links to three websites: project bag Hand Made by Diane very well made and you definitely will find fabric that you like, my shop with knittingILovePouches and final KnitPicks Felici Ever After colour way.... nope no luck but here is KnitPicks Felici with different colour ways.