knit Sirdar 52 Socks with Sirdar and Drops yarn

Sirdar 52 wasn't my first choice to knit with but as my other yarn tangled up I picked this one. I am so happy to do so as the second ball of this yarn I am giving away in my #craftyspringmal which will finish on 31st of May - thread over here. These socks are just plain vanilla socks in which I have thought I don't make any mistakes - well I was wrong - check my video to see what did I do.

knit Go Green Lollipop Socks with Lollipop yarn

Socks for Sebastian in amazing green colour that I have thought I will finish for St Patrick's Day that's why Go Green and Lollipop as I used amazing yarn which I got as a present from Amber from The Yarn Hoarder Podcast and brown mini I got from Susanne. Thank you so much for those gifts and look how amazing socks we have now! Go, go, go watch video I will tell you more.

knit Dye Me SOCKS for a guy FREE PATTERN

I had so much fun with this yarn and I loved creating something new for fun. We have here TOE UP socks. I worked two at a time but of course you can knit them the way you want them. I will try to write pattern as soon as I can FREE PATTERN. I hope you will enjoy them if you find time to knit them. Happy Knitting to everyone - comment under the video if you have any questions or a few words to me. I hope you will enjoy my a little faded Finish Object video.

Socks for a friend - Sirdar, Woolcraft | knittingILove

"Every friend needs a pair of knitted socks, especially the one that doesn't knit" - say me.

I met a friend this year, a knitter friend, that taught me that the act of a gift is the thing we should cherish the most not a gift itself. I don't know do you but I can speak only for myself that I feel kind of overwhelmed when it comes to get an idea for presents. I don't know what to give, people these days have everything. Therefore, I believe that new era of made things will count the most. The most expensive thing in the whole life and the one that we should not forget and should be most valuable of for all of us is TIME. If you ARE a knitter you know how hard it is to choose a pattern you want to knit as it takes time, which we don't have that much. I think that's obvious. Therefore, the second thing is to choose to who we knit for: ourselves or others, and if for others then for who?!

My First Christmas SOCKS - KnitPicks, HiyaHiya

My FRIST EVER Christmas sock. I received this beautiful yarn from Amber from The Yarn Hoarder Podcast. I am speechless thank you. I think I could pull this off and wear these socks during the Christmas Day but also on St Patricks day too - green, white, orange - an Irish flag. First time I did an Afterthought Heel, cut the yarn in the middle to insert the heel, used Christmas colour way and used stripe yarn for the whole socks. WOW!. I give 3 out of 5 points to 9inch HiyaHiya needles at the moment. I need to knit at least 3 or 4 pairs to decide do I like to knit with them or not.

knit Christmas Present SOCKS - Nako Boho yarn

My suggestion what to knit for Christmas Present would be SOCKS. You always need them and if you love them you would stick your feet up and enjoy the colours if not the warmth and knowledge that someone spent so much time to knit something for you will melt your heart. That's why I knitted a pair of Socks for Sebastian. I did 64sts, *k2, p2* ribbing for 20 rows and stockinet stitch plus Fish Lips Kiss Heel - paid for pattern for 1$ or in Ireland approx €1.23. I used Nako Boho yarn BUT, big BUT I cut some sections as I prefer it without them. Lovely knit, happy thoughts and another Finish Object.