Blue Socks yarn Crelando from Lidl

Normally, I don't buy yarn in a grocery shop but this time I noticed sock yarn in Lidl and I couldn't resist. Of course, I saw yarn in the shop before from time to time they put something but mostly acrylic and don't get me wrong around 2 years ago I have bought lots. However, I was so curious how they knit up that I couldn't resist and cast them on straight away. This is again a gift knitting - for Christmas.

Jungle Fever SOCKS with Sirdar 162

Another GIFT KNITTING and another pair for myself.

Grand Canyon Socks with Drops Fabel yarn

Another GIFT KNITTING this time for my sister for her birthday. I hope she is going to like them. In the video I am telling you also how many stitches I cast on and how many rows I have in a foot, what decreases I do for toes and heels. Go and have a look.

Twist and Shout Shorties SOCKS with Sirdar yarn

This time socks for me and My version of slightly bigger Shorties. I love them so much and probably will copy these from now on. I have knitted these one at a time socks on 80cm / 30inch needles I love this colour. It is very nice and sturdy yarn.

The Ladder SOCKS with Drops Fabel

Another Christmas present and I wanted to practise something and the only person who can forgive me the ladder in his socks is my beloved husband Sebastian. He does not mind.... a keeper. My struggle is on I did not manage to manage to make it go away so lets say this is a special design. I hope you are better than me.

Fuji Socks with Stylecraft yarn

Christmas present for young lady. Plain vanilla socks, two at a time knitted on magic look, toes up with an afterthought heel - 56sts. I love this yarn although I wanted to have two matching socks it looks that my system of dividing ball into two and starting from the same direction did not work. However, it works with other yarns - this one is one of a kind.