60, 30, 10 Socks with Drops Fabel

It looks that I may be able to fit in 50g to knit socks, well with my 60, 30, 10 I used 41g but as I want to do 60, 40, 10 I may fit right in with that 50g ball. Anyway, having a full box of Drops Fabel and willingness to used up my stash you may see me having at least one pair of socks on the go, one definitely with Drops Fabel. Good news more of my family members would not mind to receive hand knit socks for their special days, whatever that it and some even during casual day too :D :D :D well I am not that fast yet. I am so happy that I can make others happy and lets keep it that way. When was the last time you knitted a pair for someone who you would like to be happy????

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Enjoy knitting