Tie Dye SOCKS from a Sock Blank

Time has come to use my left overs to knit some shortie socks and I love them so much even though they are wonky :D I love the colour so much as it reminds me of a summer and it's a gift yarn and I knitted it during amazing time with friends and hopefully under the video on YouTube I will link that vlog once I publish it soon... or it is already out there. First time ever I knitting it from a one long tube from toe to toe cut the middle and placed afterthought heel after knitting ribbings. Fun knit I am thinking how it would feel to knit on 9inch circulars ... maybe one day I will try. However, if you want to know more and you haven't watched my finished object video yet go and check it out as I tell you more about it. Happy Knitting

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Enjoy knitting