Socks for Me - 3 mistakes

Learning process, therefore don't make the same mistakes. Over all the technique although I say free patter how to knit two socks at a time you can find here.

What mistakes I made. Well, #1 I picked different weight yarn, #2 did rounds with Contrast Colour (cc) before and after Fish Lips Kiss Heel PAID PATTERN, #3 did my own toes finish (well, we can argue is that mistake or not).

Therefore, less talking more knitting,


  • 2.75mm 80cm circular needles PONY
  • a few markers for decreasing toes
  • hook for waving yarn ends
  • yarn - multicolour - PATONS - Fab DK - machine washable - 100% acrylic - shade #02345 (mc)
  • yarn - cream - unknown (cc)

Enjoy knitting