knit Mina's Two At A Time SOCKS technique SOCKS for Sebastian

Let the world know that there is an easier way, at least for me to knit socks. If you are a sufferer of a second yarn syndrome or just like me when you knit your mind wonders around and you forget what you are actually doing with needles I HIGHLY recommend this technique. By the way it is FOR FREE thanks to such talented knitter as Mina Philipp, check her knitting podcast.

I just need to write more about her as she is not only an amazing knitter, she is one of the fastest if not the fastest knitter that I have ever seen (unfortunately not met). If you listen to her you will fall in love and like I will not be able to miss any of her knitting episodes. I watch, listen to what she has done / knitted with an open mouth. My jaw just drops down without my knowledge. Yep, it is true.

Ok, so without further ado I need to say that I don't see myself knitting any other way from know on. I was converted from DPNs to circular needles and magic loop. Even though I still want to buy myself some DPNs that feeling is not as strong as it was. What has happened?!!!!

Therefore, Mina if you ever find me in the whole wild [ :) ] world I need to thank you for saving my mind for some stressful thought of making mistake in the second sock. When I think about it I think your pattern will change lives of many not only mine. Thank you so so so much for sharing it with us.

Now scroll down to find links, click on the picture above to watch this video (small youtube on the bottom appears when you start watching you can click that to watch it on YouTube page - you can subscribe there to my YT channel)

HOW TO MAKE Mina's Two At A Time SOCKS


  • 3mm 80cm circular needles KnitPro
  • a few markers for decreasing toes
  • hook for waving yarn ends
  • yarn - PATONS - FAB DK - machine wash and tumble dry - 100% acrylic - shade 02084


  1. GAUGE:
  2. SIZE: 38-40 EU, 5-8 UK size


  1. To make this socks you need
  2. Mina's Two At A Time Socks FREE PATTERN
  3. for heel I used Fish Lips Kiss Heel PAID PATTERN
  4. I casted on 52sts (however I think with that yarn I would be ok even with 48sts)
  5. ribbing I did *2k, 2p*
  6. for calf and foot I used stockinette stitch
  7. for toes I divided stitches by 8 (I got some 7s and 8s) and decreased k2tog before each marker every second row
  8. take a photo and share your creation with me #knittingilove (raverly Barbara4x4sb)