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"Every friend needs a pair of knitted socks, especially the one that doesn't knit" - say me.

I met a friend this year, a knitter friend, that taught me that the act of a gift is the thing we should cherish the most not a gift itself. I don't know do you but I can speak only for myself that I feel kind of overwhelmed when it comes to get an idea for presents. I don't know what to give, people these days have everything. Therefore, I believe that new era of made things will count the most. The most expensive thing in the whole life and the one that we should not forget and should be most valuable of for all of us is TIME. If you ARE a knitter you know how hard it is to choose a pattern you want to knit as it takes time, which we don't have that much. I think that's obvious. Therefore, the second thing is to choose to who we knit for: ourselves or others, and if for others then for who?!

I would say put yourself first, most people are taught otherwise, but I encourage you to challenge yourself and have at least 4 knitted items for yourself. We all forget a lot to show the love to ourselves and to care about ourselves.

Every project I make is special for me in many ways. I love yarn that I picked or yarn that someone decided to gift it to me. I'm so grateful of every gift I received you can't believe it. Therefore, if you are a knitter who would like to knit only for yourself create a challenge and try to knit at least 4 things per year for someone else. Pick someone you haven't seen for ages or even a neighbour you don't know that much. I believe it is the most amazing feeling when you can give something that you made to someone, but believe me it is also amazing feeling when you receive something made for you. Someone else in the whole wide world have thought of you and made something for you is something I can't even describe.

If you ARE NOT a knitter no worries you can make something, just google 'make a gift' you will find a lot. Try to make 4 things for yourself first and then 4 things for someone else. Have fun.

I like to gift things to people without any special celebration just 'because WHY NOT'. I don't even mind when they know that I make things for them. When we receive hand made things we feel so special and we should feel that way because WE ARE!

Show love to yourself and people around you.

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  • 2.25mm/ us1 40inch/100cm Hiya Hiya Sharp
  • a few markers
  • hook for waving yarn ends
  • yarn - SIRDAR - Heart & Sole wool rich 4ply sock yarn - 75% wool, 25% polyamide - 100g = 380m/415yds - colour 44 grey
  • yarn - WOOLCRAFT - Superwash Sock Yarn - 75% sw wool, 25% nylon - 100g = 410m/448yds - colour 0055 green
  • project bag - from a lovely local viewer - thank you
  • knittingilove pouch -

Enjoy knitting