My First Christmas SOCKS - KnitPicks, HiyaHiya

My FRIST EVER Christmas sock. I received this beautiful yarn from Amber from The Yarn Hoarder Podcast. I am speechless thank you. I think I could pull this off and wear these socks during the Christmas Day but also on St Patricks day too - green, white, orange - an Irish flag. First time I did an Afterthought Heel, cut the yarn in the middle to insert the heel, used Christmas colour way and used stripe yarn for the whole socks. WOW!. I give 3 out of 5 points to 9inch HiyaHiya needles at the moment. I need to knit at least 3 or 4 pairs to decide do I like to knit with them or not.

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  • 2.25mm/ us1 9inch Hiya Hiya Sharp
  • a few markers
  • hook for waving yarn ends
  • yarn - KnitPicks - 75% sw merino, 25% nylon - 100g = 2x50g each 218yrds - colour Jingle
  • project bag - MrsBrownBags on etsy
  • knittingilove pouch -

Enjoy knitting