knit Diagon Alley SOCKS by Mina Philipp - Regia

Check pattern Diagon Alley SOCKS by Mina Philipp. I had to try Mina's sock pattern as she is a Sock Knitting Quinn not only she has a head full of new patterns and designs but she knits so so so so SO fast :) I just had to knit at least one and now I know that it will not only be the only one. To what I couldn't resist the most the sale she had during her birthday so I would encourage you to follow her on Instagram and her Knitting Expat Podcast.

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  • 2.25mm/ us1 100cm/42inch Hiya Hiya Sharp
  • a few markers
  • hook for waving yarn ends
  • yarn - Regia - 4ply Nordic Colour - 75% super wash new wool, 25% polyamide - colour 5513
  • PAID FOR PATTERN u4 - Diagon Alley SOCKS by Mina Philipp

Enjoy knitting