knit SOCKS - KPCyarn

Hi everyone, I have a few balls of KPCyarn I was lucky enough to be gifted some of their yarns for test knit. I would love to share that love with you too so check my next knittingILove Podcast ep 25 as not only I will be giving away some yarn but also a project bag. Oh my, I can't wait to see who will win that!!!!

I always wanted to try to knit socks and create my own stripy look. Having 2 balls of yarn with the same ply (4ply) I could try and mix it together. The challenge was to make sure that the yarn will not get tangled especially that I knit two at a time socks and to be honest it could have been bad but it wasn't. I loved to work with this yarn and as it is very soft I'm afraid that I should have used it for a much nicer knitting project than socks. I think the tear and wear may be an issue. I love this socks at the end of the day I will stick my feet up and enjoy colours and memories I have while I was knitting them.

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Enjoy knitting