knit Plain Vanilla SOCKS

There is no pattern for this. I will write down how I knitted these socks. The only pattern that I used, which is a pay for pattern is Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. Watch video as I am telling you how many stitches I cast on and what toe decreases I do. Below you can find video from my shopping where I got Drops Fabel yarn and also another video in which I am showing you 30 mini hats which I knitted in 2015 and explain you a little bit why did I do it. Happy Watching :)


  • 2.25mm 100cm circular needles HiyaHiya Sharp
  • a few markers
  • hook for waving yarn ends
  • yarn - purple - DROPS Fabel - 75% wool, 25% polyamide - colour #104
  • yarn - mix - OPAL by buttinette - 75% virgin wool 25% polyamide - colour Acapulco

DUBLIN - SHOPPING | Irish Big Knit 2015

Enjoy knitting