knit Homestead Shawl pattern by Marsha Ibuki

I recommend this pattern when you what a break, you need to relax and see that something beautiful without too much effort is creating under your fingers Homestead Shawl pattern by Marsha Ibuki. I received so many things as gift most from my Canadian friends and I feel like this shawl with my Leaf Hat is my imaginary trip to Canada - thank you.

knit Snowmelt Shawl by Helen Stewart - yarn tamiwicolours, Dublin dye, drops

This pattern was an amazing gift as I have NEVER took part in any Mystery Knit A Longs before. I haven't completed this one on time but this wasn't my goal. Snowmelt Shawl by Helen Stewart is a huge shawl, I call it half circle and because of it's shape it is hard to make sure you have proper number of stitches. I started lace section without checking it - please learn from my mistakes. I had to frog a bit of it and to do that it took me a while - I really do not like frogging. However, once is on your needles it is a very, very long knit. I love the final efect and colours that I picked. I am happy that I could knit it as I don't know if I had enough courage to pick it.

knit Tamdou Shawl pattern by Melanie Berg, yarn Seawall Fibres

I am a person that I can't wait to knit something that I received from a friend. In this project I was triple happy as the pattern I received from Vikki from Sweet Leaps Podcast- who by the way knitted this shawl too, yarn I won on Instagram and I could not believe that I won 3 skeins of yarn Seawall Fibres. The third thing is my beloved purple bag which was made for me by Diane @bagsbydiane.

knit Insatient Shawl by Christopher Salas - yarn Stylecraft, Drops

I was looking for a pattern that would be interesting to knit in DK although it calls for Fingering weight yarn I gave it a go. You can notice by clicking in the link that I did not do the bind off which is in the pattern but I love the shawl the way it is too Insatient by Christopher Salas PAID FOR PATTERN U6.

knit Wolf Woods by Agata Mackiewicz- WolffundSchafe yarn

First things first - it started all with the yarn first with On the Coldest Winter Night and then with Soul Society by - you need to check some other colour ways (especially Barbara on that website). Anyway,..... I wanted some special pattern and as this Wolf Woods Shawl has a word wolf in it and those amazing leaves I could not resist. I bought it on air in my knittingILove podcast ep 27 around 29:40.

knit Nae Shawl by Anat Rodan - Debbie Bliss - KnitPro Zings

Again a FREE PATTERN - perfect knit for a wild, colourful, gradient yarn Nae Shawl by Anat Rodan. I was looking for a perfect present for my sis's birthday - hard to pick as I didn't want to ask about her favourite colour now so I pick Debbie Bliss yarn with a nice gradient a bit but not too much. Colours are very calm that's how I would call it. I think it was a safe pick and she loved it.