knit Whispering Pines Shawl designed by Molly A Homespun House

Pattern you need to have in your library Whispering Pines Shawl by A Homespun House. Even though it is a paid pattern it is a brilliant knit for yourself or for a friend. I was so happy to receive it as a gift from one of my viewers. I love Molly's designs and even though my knitting skills and reading pattern abilities are not there yet I am happy with a final effect. It is a First Time Ever Shawl for me and I couldn't be more happy.

knit Narita Express SHAWL - by Marsha Ibuki

I love Stitch & Twitch Podcast and as Marsha is an amazing knitting designer and has created shawls already (there are just waiting for me to get better - hopefully soon) I could not resist to knit this one Narita Express SHAWL by Marsha Ibukiespecially that it is a FREE PATTERN until 1st of September 2016. Lets face it I love those two sisters there are like my best knitting friends ;)

knit Highland Peaks SHAWL - by Mina Philipp

This is an amazing pattern Highland Peak SHAWL by Mina Philipp and even though it is a paid pattern after knitting it I would not mind to buy it as a gift - that shows how much I enjoyed it and am happy with results I got. I would classify myself as an Advanced Beginner ( :D :D :D) therefore, I like to knit and don't think too much about the pattern. This one has everything that I would dream off - strips, mindless knit and such an amazing final effect - even with some Personal Touches (my mistakes). If you are a beginner who has already knitted at least a hat you may just need to check on YouTube 2-3 easy things and you are free to fly away with your needles.