knit Wolf Woods by Agata Mackiewicz- WolffundSchafe yarn

First things first - it started all with the yarn first with On the Coldest Winter Night and then with Soul Society by - you need to check some other colour ways (especially Barbara on that website). Anyway,..... I wanted some special pattern and as this Wolf Woods Shawl has a word wolf in it and those amazing leaves I could not resist. I bought it on air in my knittingILove podcast ep 27 around 29:40.

knit Nae Shawl by Anat Rodan - Debbie Bliss - KnitPro Zings

Again a FREE PATTERN - perfect knit for a wild, colourful, gradient yarn Nae Shawl by Anat Rodan. I was looking for a perfect present for my sis's birthday - hard to pick as I didn't want to ask about her favourite colour now so I pick Debbie Bliss yarn with a nice gradient a bit but not too much. Colours are very calm that's how I would call it. I think it was a safe pick and she loved it.

knit Shadow Shawl by Antonia Shankland - yarn hedgehog fibres, needles KnitPro

Amazing FREE PATTERN - very stylish will suit everyone at any age Shadow Shawl by Antonia Shankland. This is one of those projects that you can take whenever you want. You don't need to think too much just enjoy knitting. I spiced things up more with yarn I used Hedgehog Fibres an amazing Typewriter as a Main Colour and Pheasant as Contrast Colour. It was hard for me while I read the pattern which makes the border. Therefore, to give you a tip the Main Colour is the one with a boarder.

knit Starlight Blooms by Jenn Sheelen - yarn hedgehog fibres, needles KnitPro

Perfect pattern for 1 skein - PAID FOR PATTERN U7 knit Starlight Blooms by Jenn Sheelen. I love the idea of designers notes before we start all the knitting magic - whatever we do, whenever we do it some things stay the same. Pattern for 1 skein 400m but I used Hedgehogfibres yarn 365m, pattern says to use 4mm I used 3.25mm - that way I used 50% of the yarn at row 82. When I finished pattern I still had 24g so I decided to spoil myself and add some rows of these beautiful boarder. Would I change something? Yes, next time I would go with some sharper needles - that's all. I hope to knit it for a friend or a family member one day. I definitely will.

knit Campfire SHAWL by Meghan Fernandes - Craftfullness yarn, KnitPro needles

Another amazing FREE pattern Campfire SHAWL by Meghan Fernandes. I had so much fun, as you can see on the video, to knit it and have such an amazing FINISH OBJECT. Let me know did you knit it? are you planning to? have you already used Craftfulness yarn? If not what are you waiting for !!! I loved this whole knitting time that I had with this project. Love love love :)

knit Abalone Shawl by Carle' Dehning

I love this FREE pattern Abalone Shawl by Carle' Dehning not so much lace yarn . I hear you thinking why? Well I don't feel it between my fingers while I knit so I have to look at the needles all the time. Don't get me wrong I love the final effect and I am definitely more than just a Drops Yarn fan. It looks like that at the moment we will have longer break with lace