knit Tamdou Shawl pattern by Melanie Berg, yarn Seawall Fibres

I am a person that I can't wait to knit something that I received from a friend. In this project I was triple happy as the pattern I received from Vikki from Sweet Leaps Podcast- who by the way knitted this shawl too, yarn I won on Instagram and I could not believe that I won 3 skeins of yarn Seawall Fibres. The third thing is my beloved purple bag which was made for me by Diane @bagsbydiane.

I hope you watched video first and you know that it took me a while to knit this shawl but I love final effect and I am still very happy that I managed to knit it and finish it. Things happen and even a bit of frogging needed to be done over here too.

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Enjoy knitting,

Hope to see you next time,