knit Starlight Blooms by Jenn Sheelen - yarn hedgehog fibres, needles KnitPro

Perfect pattern for 1 skein - PAID FOR PATTERN U7 knit Starlight Blooms by Jenn Sheelen. I love the idea of designers notes before we start all the knitting magic - whatever we do, whenever we do it some things stay the same. Pattern for 1 skein 400m but I used Hedgehogfibres yarn 365m, pattern says to use 4mm I used 3.25mm - that way I used 50% of the yarn at row 82. When I finished pattern I still had 24g so I decided to spoil myself and add some rows of these beautiful boarder. Would I change something? Yes, next time I would go with some sharper needles - that's all. I hope to knit it for a friend or a family member one day. I definitely will.


  • 3.25mm 100cm circular needles - KnitPro nova
  • 2 markers - pattern asks for 4 (I used only two in the middle)
  • sawing needle for ends
  • yarn - 1 skein - HEDGEHOG FIBRES - - Twist Sock - 80% Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) wool, 20% nylon - colour POLLEN


  1. PAID FOR PATTERN U7 - knit Starlight Blooms by Jenn Sheelen

Enjoy knitting,

Hope to see you next time,