One Side Pin Bag | sewing

It is so much fun. I would recommend anyone to try to make a project bag, cosmetic bag, your mini handbag bag yourself for yourself or as a present. Yes, it may not end up being perfect but it the zipper works and nothing falling out of the bag personally I would not mind to have a bag like it. Just go with some amazing fabric and everything will balance up.

I made three bags. I am showing them in my video so check it out. I started with my number 3 (bag for me), then 2 and then my first one I made. I used some fabric that I was gifted, fabric that meant to be for something else and fabric that I bought in a shop during one of my trips. Those were bought in Crafters Basket in Sligo if you ever in that area or like me it is cheaper to pay the post get yourself something nice.

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Enjoy knitting