knittingILove ep35 - Dye Me (Daj Mi - Give Me)


Seawall Fibres on Etsy those three beautiful yarns - sisters

WolffundSchafe on Etsy Turquoise Cave on Belladonna My Cables HAT

WolffundSchafe check colour ways

knittingILove Shop - knittingILove POUCHES and Markers


KALS - knittingILove Ravelry group

check knittingIlove KALs knitaHatKAL (open)


This episode GIVEAWAY

I announce the winner - prize knittingILove pouch

Episode 35 - you can win 150g yarn hand dyed by me :)


knittingILove Revelry thread

February 2017 - WINNER - By The Lake Podcast (Sandra) - Congratulations please get in touch with me!


I finished also My Cables HAT - soon I will ask for test knitters.

Shaggy Beanie & extra one - in the December 2016 KnitCrate box


Tamdou by Melanie Berg PAID FOR PATTERN U8 - yarn Seawall Fibres colours: Seawall Sand (cream), Bandend Seawall (dark), Seawall Beach (variegated)

Flax SWEATER designed by TinCanKnits - FREE PATTERN

Smaug the African Flower Dragon by Heidi Bears PAID FOR PATTERN U8 - yarn mostly Drops Fabel

Two pair of socks one for Sebastian called DYE ME SOCKS, and one for me Valentine's Socks

Hat using Studio Donegal yarn

Bakery Bears Ravelry (Kay & Dan) - #foggrun2017 thread

Podcasters Mentioned

Fourboysandanlgirl Podcast (Patty) - share some love gift knittingILove Coaster to the winners of her KAL

Sweet Leaps (Viki) - received my gift

by the lake (Sandra) - IN THE JAR - FEBRUARY 2017 WINNER

MaamaaKnits (Alice) - showed Circular needles in knittingILove DPNs pouch

Mandarine's (Melody) - IN THE JAR - JANUARY 2017 WINNER

Dye Another Day Podcast (Christina & Amanda) - mentioned Christina as she is also knitting Tamdou Shawl like me :)

Bakery Bears Podcast (Kay & Dan) - I have joined them in #foggrun2017

Grocery Girls Podcast (Jodi & Tracie) - I joined #sockbash2017

If I forgot about something comment on Rav or YouTube and I will add more info here,

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