knittingILove ep32 - KnitCrate and yarn, yarn, knitting podcast was so generous and they sent me two KnitCrate boxes one to unbox on my channel and other one as a GIVEAWAY for you :) I am flying up high with happiness. I hope you will enjoy this one as I am showing you some yarn that I won on Instagram and basically welcome in my knitting world if you haven't seen it be aware you might get scared a bit :D

At the beginning of the episode I am reading a text from Touch - Road Not Taken (on Netflix) 'The truth is every time we take an action we make an impact. Every single thing we do has an effect on the people around us. Every choice we make sends ripples out into the world. Our smallest acts of kindness can cause a chain reaction of unforeseen benefits for people we've never met. We might not witness those results but they happen all the same.' - I just love it :)

SHOPS MENTIONED - OUR GIVEAWAY SPONSOR :) use code KIL20 to get 20% off

Circustonic HandMade on Etsy yarn - 5 skeins of yarn I won from this shop <3

WolffundShafe on Etsy yarn - I knit Wolf Woods Shawl with this yarn

Lone Larch Desingnes on Etsy Jenni and her bag holds Seb's socks

Seawall Fibres on Etsy those three beautiful yarns - sisters ;P - I will cast on my shawl

knittingILove Shop - knittingILove POUCHES and Markers


KALS - knittingILove Ravelry group

check knittingIlove KALs knittingILoveShawlKAL (closed), knitaHatKAL (open)


This episode GIVEAWAY

In next episode I will draw a winner from the comments under the YouTube video so go and watch episode if you haven't done it yet. In regards this lovely subscription I would recommend you to go and spoil yourself a bit as it is lots of fun. Below link to the shop with a code and then a short video with my KNITCRATE UNBOXING if you are the one who does not mind to see spoilers in case you win this box :) - OUR GIVEAWAY SPONSOR :) use code KIL20 to get 20% off


knittingILove Revelry thread



Wolf Woods by "Amanita" Agata Mackiewicz - PAID FOR PATTERN U5 - I bought it from my #getFITandKNIT challenge :)

Crochet Basket - I didn't follow any pattern - yarn from Kerry Woollen Mills

Hunting Hat - I didn't follow any pattern - yarn Leading Men Fiber Arts Superwash Merino in Turkey Run

Socks for Sebastian (will be looking for some cool name) - I didn't follow any pattern Plain Vanilla Socks - yarn Nako Boho - colour: 81258

Dream Whisperer by Jenn Sheelen PAID FOR PATTERN U5 - yarn 100% Polish wool - approx 2-2.5h knit


Flax SWEATER designed by TinCanKnits - FREE PATTERN - yarn from WolffundShafe on Etsy

Smaug the African Flower Dragon by Heidi Bears PAID FOR PATTERN U8 - yarn mostly Drops Fabel

Insatient by Christopher Salas PAID FOR PATTERN U6 - yarn Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed DK in colour ways 1658 Aran (white) and 1648 Mole (brown)

Tamdou by Melanie Berg PAID FOR PATTERN U8 - yarn Seawall Fibres colours: Seawall Sand (cream), Bandend Seawall (dark), Seawall Beach (variegated)

Podcasters Mentioned

WolffundShafe Podcast (Magdalena) - I am using Magdalena's yarn knitting Wolf Woods and I am mentioning her Barbara colour way

The Yarn Hoarder Podcast (Amber) - received an amazing gift

YarnThirty (Katrina) - DECEMBER JAR WINNER

Sweet Leaps (Viki) - received an amazing gift

Lone Larch Designed (Jenni) - I'm using her bag

Jenn Sheelen (Jenn) - joining her KAL and knitting her pattern

If I forgot about something comment on YouTube and I will add more info here,

Thank you for watching and listening,