knittingILove ep28 - 2000sub giveaway, Ikea and knitting

SHOPS MENTIONED - my lovely bag where I have Wolf Woods shawl, I show it in section ON MY NEEDLES

RemembrancesPottery on Etsy - lovely buttons behind me when I point and mention about red felt

NaehStDesign - Diagon Alley Socks are in one of this maker bags

WolffundShafe on Etsy yarn - I knit Wolf Woods Shawl with this yarn and it's one of the cakes I am showing

Craftfulness on Etsy yarn - two cakes in the first row I'm showing

SeaWallFibreas on Etsy - when I talk about cakes second row all three are from this shop

Comeragh Yarns (Red Heart Knits) on Etsy - my beautiful last red cake

knittingILove Shop - knittingILove POUCHES and Markers - 20% off code: KNITTINGILOVE2000


This episode GIVEAWAY

I am giving some knittingILove Halloween markers, coaster, two pouches for DPNs and Circular Needles, Tote Bag, Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock yarn in Pollen to celebrate 2000 subscribers :) - nice Irish local products :)

knittingILove Shop - knittingILove POUCHES and Markers - 20% off code: KNITTINGILOVE2000


knittingILove Revelry thread

OCTOBER WINNER TeaHouseKnits (Tina) - Congratulations !!! Thank you for being with us :)

Bad Wolf Girl Sits & Knits (Meg) | Knitknacker Natters (Fatima)

BIG APPOLOGIES - I misspelled both Podcast names on my

KAL I mentioned:

Knitknacker Natters Group on Rav check Bee KAL/CAL - Chatter Thread & Bee KAL/CAL - FO thread


sorry nothing


Flax SWEATER designed by TinCanKnits - FREE PATTERN

Diagon Alley Socks by Mina Philipp - PAID FOR PATTERN U4

????? Hat - maybe new design and will enter it to a few KALS

Wolf Woods by "Amanita" Agata Mackiewicz - PAID FOR PATTERN U5 - I bought it from my #getFITandKNIT challenge :)


Lets say this section in THIS episode is about my Knitting Cave and what I bought for it.

I showed you my yarn cakes one Turquoise Cave from WolffundShafe (please check above links to shops), two other cakes in the same row from Craftfulness. Second row from SeaWallFibres then third row grey colour is a yarn from Yarn Store in Dublin Woolcraft and then Canadian green yarn from Julie Aselinn and the last but not least from Red Heart Knits now known as Commeragh Yarn from Ireland :). I bought a Multi-use hanger KOMPLEMENT Grey from Ikea and I showed you one furniture that I can't live without also from Ikea Shoe cabinet/storage TRONES. Even though I said I have 20 I showed you that I have actually 24. I counted them afterwards :D I store almost everything in them and most importantly my knitting FOs. Somehow I always end up with a set if I am in Ikea :) I hope that for some people this info will be useful and if you get any of those too let me know :) I will be happy to see what or how do you store your yarn :)

Pattern Mentioned

XXX - chunky tissue box cover by Clair Thorley FREE PATTERN - I made lots of this for myself, family and friends - I mentioned this pattern when I was talking about myself and being in the knitting zone

Serena Shadow Shawl by Antonia Shankland FREE PATTERN - I try to design hat which I pair with this shawl.

Podcasters Mentioned

WolffundShafe Podcast (Magdalena) - I am showing Magdalena's yarn and hope she can help with lace pattern if I need it

Sweet Leaps Podcast (Viki)- I mentioned in regards our t-shirt slogan proposition ;) - I hope I didn't misspelled 'sweet' in the video - I apologies if I did

Bobble Travelling Yarns (Grace) - I mention when I talk about Periscope

LegacyKnitz (Sue) - again Periscope talk

KnitKnacker Natters (Fatima) - lovely podcast that I add to IN THE JAR - I apologies for misspelling podcast name on video

Bad Girl Sits & Knits (Meg) - another lovely podcast I added to IN THE JAR

Teahouseknits (Tina) - our OCTOBER IN THE JAR WINNER - congratulations!!!!

Knitting Expat (Mina) - I mentioned when I showed Mina's lovely sock pattern that I have ON MY NEEDLES (link to pattern above)

If I forgot about something comment on YouTube and I will add more info here,

Thank you for watching and listening,