knittingILove ep24 - the sound, the jar and knitting


knittingILove Shop - knittingILove POUCHES and Markers - sponsor of the Giveaway knittingILove ep23 - yarn 10% off with code: KNIDTINGILOVE one use per person valid until 30th of Sept 2016

WolffundShafe Etsy Shop - I won a yarn :) and could pick it from this shop - I picked - Turquoise Cave Colour on Belladonna base - YARN my socks off needles

Hedgehog Fibres - finished my Shadow Shawl - used Pheasant and Typewriter Sock Yarn


This episode GIVEAWAY

Cup of Pattern - write a comment down below YouTube video on YT. The winner will win a pattern under €4 of their choice


knittingILove Revelry thread

Reminder of JULY WINNERS - Elise from My Two Tips Podcast and Christina from Christina's Crafts but Knitting Catchup Podcast

Paws4Stitches Podcast (Candy) | Stitching The High Notes (Joanna)

Pinfeathers & Purls (Candace) | Killtocraft (Vanessa)

Hey Sister Podcast (Rachel, Tabi)

WINNER !!!!! - AUGUST WINNER IS YarnJunkie Podcast (Amber) - Congratulations!!!!!


Picacho Peak Hat by Alyssa Latuchie - FREE PATTERN

Beautiful Warrior Cowl by Naomi Buchanan - PAID FOR PATTERN U7

Finished my SOCKS - check from where did I get my yarn - Hong Kong :)

Shadow Shawl by Antonia Shankland FREE PATTERN


Ankle socks Wave by me with a Fish Lips Kees Heel (Paid for Pattern U2)


Violetta's Spring Hat by Natalie Sheldon - PAID FOR PATTERN U4

Morning Mist by Annie Rowden - PAID FOR PATTERN U8

Tales from the Isle of Purbeck - MKAL by Annie Rowden - PAID FOR PATTERN U7

Zigzagular Socks by Susie White - FREE PATTER

Titanium by Heidi Alander - FREE PATTERN

Celtic Myths by Asita Krebs - FREE PATTERN

Machir Bay Shawl by Asita Krebs - FREE PATTERN

Patterns also mentioned

Dream Whisperer by Jenn Sheelen PAID FOR PATTERN U5 - I won this pattern in Paws4Stitches Podcast (Candy) - JAR-ALONG KAL

Highland Peaks Shawl by Mina Philipp - PAID FOR PATTERN U6 - thinking of knitting it again


Sara's Texture Crafts (Sara) - giveaway YARN!

Paws4Stitches Podcast (Candy) - I won in her KAL, and of course I put her INTO THE JAR :)

YarnJunkie (Amber) - OUR AUGUST JAR WINNER !!!! - congratulations !!!!

Stitching The High Notes (Joanna) - I put her INTO THE JAR

Pinfeathers & Purls (Candace) - I put her INTO THE JAR

Killtocraft Podcast (Vanessa) - I put her INTO THE JAR

Hey Sister Podcast (Rachel, Tabi) - I put them INTO THE JAR

Wolff Und Shafe Podcast (Magdalena) - YARN, yarn, YARN!!! and I won I won I won - thank you :)

Twitch & Stitch (Marsha) - also test knit Beautiful Warrior Cowl

Sweet Leaps Podcast (Viki) Vikki Zachanowich - you need to watch her ep15 where she mentions sweaters for babies and washcloths - I talk about it in On My Radar section

If I forgot about something comment on YouTube and I will add more info here,

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