knit Grey Mittens

Unusual mittens... I know, that shaping... I know. I just couldn't resist to try. You can easily make them without that, by just knitting in a round after stitches collection. What I like about them, there are snug and fit.

I love to knit for others if I can do something that may or may not work. Here, I know that we may have divide but that's the beauty of knitting we can use colours, add colours, and shape things the way we would like. Sometimes it may not flatter us but if we feel good in it it's make us feel ten times better.

I like knitting as it is therapeutic, I love the picking up colours and next object to knit.

I hope some of you share my feelings and thoughts,

HOW I MADE Grey Mittens


  • 5 DPNs 4mm
  • a marker
  • stitch holder
  • hook
  • yarn - grey - Knitting Essentials
  • yarn - light grey - HAYFIELD - Bonus DK extra value - 100% acrylic - colour #0790
  • yarn - black - Knitting Essentials


  1. GAUGE:
  2. WIDTH: 10cm = 4inch without thumb
  3. HEIGHT:


  1. co 32sts (with double stranded yarn = two different colours (black, grey) (divided by 4 it's 8sts per needle)
  2. ribbing *1k+1p* for 15rows
  3. 3k rows
  4. thumb increases - add 1st before and after the second stitch on 3rd needle, place marker, finish a round
  5. 2k rows
  6. *adding 1 st after first stitch and 1st before marker + 1k row*
  7. I do increases until I get 21st on the 3rd needle
  8. leave a thumb stitches (those extra sts between 1st and marker) on a stitch holder
  9. 1k row
  10. A BIT OF SHAPING - OPTIONAL - decrease k2tog after 1st stitch
  11. 1k row
  12. decrease on 4th before last st ssk (psso anyway the opposite to k2tog)
  13. decrease k2tog after first stitch
  14. decrease psso on 4th needle before last stitch
  15. 1k row
  16. decrease k2tog after first stitch (then it should be 5sts on 1st needle and 6sts on 4th needle)
  17. decrease psso on the 4th needle (we should have 5sts on it)
  18. 13k rows + 2k rows (black and grey colour)
  19. 3x (decrease k2tog on 1st and 3rd needle) and psso on 2nd & 4th needle + 1krow)
  20. Cast off and sew
  21. THUMB
  22. 13sts add 1st = 14sts over all divided to 3 needles
  23. 8k rows
  24. k2tog first two stitches on each needle (I know you don't have the same number) rest knit
  25. k2tog, k, k2tog, k, k2og, k, k2tog,
  26. BO
  27. take a photo and share your creation with me #knittingilove

Enjoy knitting,