Brown Crown HEADBAND - Let's GO and KNIT

Finally, a headband for myself. I chose brown and grey colours as they would work with my way to work! I love final effect and will definitely suit more people. I tried to find stitch pattern that shows something but it is not sticking out too much. My head is 21-22inch so it is big enough on it's own, no need to increase anything. Feel free to match things together the way I did it. I am not sure can I write the main pattern info as I found it in the book. Therefore, those of you who are more familiar with needles you probably figure it out anyway.

For beauty fans I recently got myself a TheBalm Voyage Palette Vol2 and used it for this video

I hope you liked it and try it one day - if you do please #knittingilove - would love to see your project.

Till the next one,



  • 5.0mm needles - KnitPro
  • hook
  • yarn - HAYFIELD - brown - shade 0927
  • yarn - HAYFIELD - grey - shade 0790


  1. I will probably make a similar hat
  2. I would decrease it in a different place - which I will put it below
  4. CAST ON 64sts - double stranded yarn
  5. 1row K
  6. 1row P
  7. 1row K
  8. pattern overall 5rows I repeated 5times
  9. 1row K
  10. 1row P
  11. CAST OFF