knit 1920s Flossie HAT

I had as much fun knitting this hat as I had making this video. Maybe not the best 1920s make up but it gives you an idea. Flossie Hat is a paid pattern, for those who ask. I used Irish wool and we shall see how I feel with 100% wool on my head. I hope it's going to be all right. I hope you enjoyed my video and if you did please subscribe and give ma thumb up - it will make my day.

knit Skiing HAT

Try something new! It is my motto. It doesn't have to be perfect and it will never be when you are doing something for the first time. In this hat new things for me: creamy chunky ribbing and slouchy hat - probably should be even slightly more slouchy, but well I can always make extra slouchy hat in the future.

Pom Pom It 2in1 - Opus & Drops | knittingILove

Tomorrow February's GIVEAWAY and I just had to make another hat. I was looking for something COOL, and if you want something COOL in knitting world you should learn this name STEPHEN WEST. Therefore, I used his FREE PATTERN - Pom Pom It and made a hat for YOU! I call it 2in1 as there are two versions and it could be worn by girls and boys.

Kids Challenge Drew a HAT

Something different and quite fun. To get your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren engaged you can ask them to drew a hat so you can make one for them that they really like.

knit a 2 year old HAT

Once in a while you may find yourself in a situation and you would like to knit something for a 2 year old (or younger) in one day. This would be perfect and fast, at least I think that way. First thing that I want to tell you is that I made a matching cowl (my boy version with a flap) so check that out too - 2 year old SNOOD COWL.

Purple & Gold HAT

I need to make notes while knitting. It will make me easier to write info below. I am thinking of an blank excel sheet filled with some info that I need to filled in. If I am missing anything please let me know. This hat is for December 2015 Giveaway gift, therefore I need to check measurements soon.

Anyway, first thing ever - knitted a hat on smaller needles than 4mm... I count it as a big achievement. Never used colours like that and first time, as I am aware, used cables on a hat. If you are NOT A KNITTER, I know that sounds so lame but if you are you exactly know what I am talking about. Fun experience.