Asphodel Potion Hat - for a Child - Artisan Yarns

Something enchanted, something for brave knitter, something for halloween! Hat that will give you focus and peaceful mind.

Pina Colada HAT with Tamiwi Colors and Craftfulness yarn

FREE PATTERN yay! I am so happy I can share this one with you. I knitted it during my holiday and I love it so much as it is orange. The colour may not suit me but somehow I love orange too. Are you fancy to knit it check the link Pina Colada Hat by Barbara Nalewko aka knittingILove.

Jana's HAT by Jana Halasova & Carol O'Leary with Hedgehog Fibres yarn

I had this gorgeous INK colour from Hedgehog Fibres for a while (2 year!!!) in a cake and I really wanted to knit it something with it. Eventually, I took this yarn for a trip and while I was browsing through patterns I found amazing pattern by Jana Halasova and Carol O'Leary who designed it for Hedgehog Fibres. I could not resist as not only it is a beautiful hat but also the pattern is for FREE - Jana's HAT by Jana Halasova & Carol O'Leary. You hold a finger weight yarn double so it gives some kind of sporty DK effect. I love it and I hope you do if you do and will knit it don't forget to show me use #knittingILove.

Shadow Hat with Shadow Yarn dyed by a friend

I love knitting with yarn that I received from knitters. The knitting is even more special for me. I will be taking this hat and thinking where I knitted it and form who I got it. I think it is the best present ever - thank you.

Tie Dye HAT with Super Crafty Girl yarn

FIRST TIME EVER PROJECT KNITTED WITH A SOCK BLANK!!!! You see even small things can make happiness. I am truly that simple - hi hi hi. Amazing bright, fun colours helped me to finish this hat as I had some difficulties with moving stitches while working in a round. Go watch my video I will tell you all about it.

Blue Morpho Knitologie HAT yarn Knitcrate

This one was all about yarn I saw this colour and I knew it is going to be fingering weight hat.... it just had to be. I love the effect it shows an amazing stripes with neon highlights. The hat has dark colour as a base and this butterfly effect is amazing. I love it so much. I used less than 50g so the next 50g I can knit another hat or socks with contrast heels and toes or just give it to a friend to have almost matching hats. I do not know what to do - beautiful colour.