Double Special HAT with Drops Flora yarn

I wanted to knit hat during my holidays in Poland. Well, I have just done a ribbing there and the rest in Ireland. It is such a simple pattern that I am giving it for FREE. I am trying to tell you what I did on the finish object video but if there will be enough people how would need a written instruction please comment under the video on YouTube. It will motivate me to find some time and write it down.

Asphodel Potion Hat - for a Child - Artisan Yarns

Hello, We have #potionHatKAL2017 which is open until 31st of Oct 2017 and I have thought I will knit Asphodel Potion Hat but for a kid. I have modified the pattern and now it is there too. Fancy to join us go for it. It took me 4 days to knit it having only a few hours here and there. I can bet you can knit it in less than that. For me it is a gift knitting (I am in that zone lately) and this time is for a 4 year old girl. I hope she is going to love it. This blue is beautiful and I just couldn't resist to knit a hat when I read the blend of this yarn, which I received in one of the KnitCrate boxes (don't forget to use that KIL20 code to get 20% off for your first box) here the link - http://mbsy.co/gztwg . Anyway, everything in the video - watch it.

Sunrise Hat with Tamiwi Colors yarn

I'm a little bit blue on the video but I hope you will forgive me. I took Tamiwi Colors yarn on my holidays and knitted this hat in 3 or even 2 days. It was a pleasure to knit and I like that it has that colour effect. I think it is very cool on hats. Anyway, go and watch my finish object video.

Ice Cube HAT by Barbara Nalewko with Mrs Crosby yarn WORSTED

Let's share with you another FREE PATTERN. This one I knitted for my brother and I thought it is a nice hat to knit as a gift. It is unisex but I believe that our male friends will like it more.

Please use #knittingILoveHAT or #IceCubeHat on Instagram if you be tempted to knit it. Share it with me. FREE PATTERN Ice Cube HAT by Barbara Nalewko

Tranquil Hat - adult small and child - finger hold double or DK

Another Gift Knitting this time for my mum. I used the most posh yarn I have so with a cashmere in it. The colours combo are perfect to bright up her tiny, pretty face. I can't wait to give it to her. Watch my video as I tell you how many stitches I casted on and for how long I did brim (ribbing) and body. I do not mention crown as I moderated the Asphodel Potion Hat pattern crown to fit a child version.

Bulky Chill HAT with SugarBush yarn from KnitCrate

I love bulky hats especially in 100% merino so soft, so nice, so comfy! Go see what I have to tell about this hat and just bare in mind that if we reach 400 FOs for knit a hat KAL this is one of a few prizes. I hope you are exited as I am. If you are in the mood to knit a hat go and join as there.