Pink Hat - warm, cozy and cute

I made this hat in 2 days and please don't think that I was sitting none stop and knitting all day, as that would not be true. It is quite an easy project and the effect of it is really good. Don't get me wrong I was myself shocked how good effect I achieved. If you can knit try to mix pink color it will be the best present ever for almost any girl. If you don't know how to knit and you would like to wear this hat you can enter my September 2015 giveaway (I make a hat each month and give it away check my YouTube channel if you are interested).



  • 5.0mm 40cm circular needles - KnitPro
  • 4,5mm DPN
  • 6 markers
  • hook
  • sawing needle
  • yarn - MIMOZA Natura - Wloczka - 100% acrylic - shade 242
  • yarn - dark brown - recycling yarn (got it from my mom)


  1. GAUGE: 16st x 20rows 4inch=10cm
  3. HEIGHT: 20.5CM 8INCH


  1. HAT
  2. cast on 64sts
  3. 2x (1row K, 1row P)
  4. stockinette stitch: 3x (1row *(brown st + pink st)*; 1row pink; 1row *(pink st + brown st)*; 1row brown)
  5. still stockinette stitch brown color for 14rows, during 14th row put markers every 7,13,13,13,13, (overall 5 markers) and of course you have one marker for starting and ending circle (make sure is different color)
  6. Decrease - 1row k2tog before each marker
  7. 3rows K
  8. Decrease - 1row k2tog before each marker
  9. 2rows K
  10. Decrease - 1row k2tog before each marker
  11. 1rows K
  12. Decrease EVERY ROW k2tog before each marker
  13. stop when you have 5sts before marker
  14. k2tog
  15. BO
  17. work flat
  18. CO 20sts (pink color)
  19. stockinette stitch for 4 rows (when you look at right side 4 rows of K)
  20. Decrease on the right side so when you see K, k2tog + *K* + ssk, wrong side P
  21. you repeat above bullet point until you have 2sts on the needle
  22. leave the long piece of yarn and cut the yarn, slide it through those two sts by hook
  23. BROWN COLOR - CROCHET - just use any technique you know to frame the earflap with brown yarn
  24. sew ear flaps to the hat
  25. POM POM
  26. fork - 2 small pom-poms - see how I did it in the video
  27. 4 fingers - big pom-pom - see how I did it in the video
  28. sew pom-poms to the hat
  29. take a photo and share your creation with me #knittingilove