Nordic Delights Beanie 1 by Nordic Stitches

I received this pattern as a Birthday gift from Lil from Nordic Stitches designs and podcast, so definitely check her out. She not only gifted me this hat but the whole collection. Watch my FO video and see more! It was such a pleasure to knit and as there is one more hat in the collection I am gifting this one to my mum. The yarn is just the luxe so I hope she will feel special. Lots of memories while knitting this hat you can have a peek where I was knitting it... on a ferry to Edinburgh. Check my vlog which the link you can find under the video on YouTube. I have already knitted one pattern from Nordic Stitches - Frozen Shawl, again link under the video. Thank you Lil for such an amazing gift. It was a pleasure to knit it.

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Enjoy knitting