Bankhead Hat FREE PATTERN by Susie Gourlay with Vocabulary yarn

There is a whole story behind this hat even though I have knitted it in 2 or 3 days. First time I heard about this free pattern from Dan from Bakery Bears Podcast. It is a bottom up worsted weight hat. Very simple, relaxing, perfect as a light and quick project. You have came here from one of my podcast or finish objects videos from YouTube you know that from time to time I give prizes or just set gifts to a viewers. Anyway, one lovely person who received a yarn from me said that would love to knit a hat with me as she knew I have the same yarn but in a different colour. I could not feel happier. I found two patterns that we could knit one simple and other lets go for it and knit a very advance cable hat. I thought I will have a friend who would like to knit a hat with me lets go with advance we will support one another. The story short I failed and had to frog one third of a hat while Susanne not only finished her BEAUTIFUL hat even though she ran out of yarn. Susanne gave me another chance to prove myself (.... just kidding) .... well, she would not mind to knit a second hat with me. What a friend! We went for the second pattern this simple, no stress or pressure hat. I was so determant to knit it that it flew off my my needles just in time to enter it to Wool, hands, needles KAL #WNHyearofhatsKAL2018 as I can't enter knittingILove #knitahatKAL. The theme of the month was - - - knit a hat with a pompom - - - DONE!

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Enjoy knitting