Turkey Wing HAT with Leading Men Fiber Arts & A Hundrad Ravens yarn

I have knitted a matching..... ish matching hats. I called them Turkey Wing as they are made from two yarns one from Leading Men Fiber Arts - Colour Turkey Run - and the other from A Hundred Ravens - colour Raven's Wing. I think you figure out what I did I took Turkey word from one and Wing from another..... I forgot about 's though.... oops! It was so much fun to knit both andddddd it did not take be long 2 days max for each. Such a quick and fun knit - love hats in worsted weight yarn.

Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn I received from Amber from Yarn Hoarder Podcast - must watch if you haven't so far, but I believe you did. A Hundred Raven yarn I received from KnitCrate and one of their boxes. I am telling you in this video that they dropped their prices (how on earth they achieved that) and on the top of it the SHIPPING is for FREE - INTERNATIONALLY! What???!!!!! Go check it out especially that on the top of it you can use my code KIL20 to receive 20% off for your first box. Aren't they THE BEST? It is so much fun to get them every month - check my PLAYLIST on YouTube.

Sorry, I drifted off again. Those hats encouraged be to create HOW I ..... video (again check Playlist on YouTube) .... make a button pompom, and I have already knitted with that blackish yarn EASY MITTENS pattern - my pattern which is for FREE. Yes, yes my first ever FREE MITTENS PATTERN - BIG thank you to my test knitters for knitting, changing, suggesting and being so nice about it. Lots of love. I think that's is check my video for more

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Enjoy knitting