Double Special HAT with Drops Flora yarn

I wanted to knit hat during my holidays in Poland. Well, I have just done a ribbing there and the rest in Ireland. It is such a simple pattern that I am giving it for FREE. I am trying to tell you what I did on the finish object video but if there will be enough people how would need a written instruction please comment under the video on YouTube. It will motivate me to find some time and write it down.

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  • needles US 2.75/ 3.0mm and US 4 / 3.5mm 40cm/16inch
  • Bag - - the purple one at the end of the video
  • yarn - DROPS Flora - Fingering - 65% wool, 35% alpaca, 50g - 210m/ 230yards - colour #11 Petrol
  • knittingilove pouches pouch
  • knittingilove tags tags
  • FREE PATTERN on ravelry
  • FREE PATTERN download now" target="_blank" class="link_article">download

Enjoy knitting