Asphodel Potion Hat - for a Child - Artisan Yarns

Hello, We have #potionHatKAL2017 which is open until 31st of Oct 2017 and I have thought I will knit Asphodel Potion Hat but for a kid. I have modified the pattern and now it is there too. Fancy to join us go for it. It took me 4 days to knit it having only a few hours here and there. I can bet you can knit it in less than that. For me it is a gift knitting (I am in that zone lately) and this time is for a 4 year old girl. I hope she is going to love it. This blue is beautiful and I just couldn't resist to knit a hat when I read the blend of this yarn, which I received in one of the KnitCrate boxes (don't forget to use that KIL20 code to get 20% off for your first box) here the link - . Anyway, everything in the video - watch it.

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