Harlow Hat - brioche - by Andrea Mowry

My FIRST TIME EVER brioche project and it is a hat thanks to Lilli from Nordic Stitches Podcast. She gifted me this pattern to create a challenge for both of us to learn it - no excuses! We did it and it was easier that I have ever imagined & I love it. I have used yarn I received one day from Amber from The Yarn Hoarder Podcast... I felt so special! Thank you Amber. I love my colour combo but you shouldn't feel afraid to click link to the pattern and check Projects Tab to look for colour inspiration. Happy Brioching

Elf Zone Hat - SMALL - by Barbara Nalewko Mrs Crosby loves to play & Drops yarn

Time has come to knit a small size of Elf Zone Hat. I think it is a perfect gift for any toddler so they would look so cute in it. Don't you think? It was a bit of a thing for having to work with two balls at a time but the effect is so worth it. I also did joggles swap with a colour by sliding the first stitch of the last colour on the left needle after knitting a first row of a new colour. It worked pretty well. I love the final effect and the whole cuteness of it.

Elf Zone Hat - LARGE - by Barbara Nalewko Rowan & Drops yarn

Hats are such a quick knits especially if there are knitted in worsted and bulky/chunky yarn. Here is a very quick knit which I managed to do in 3 days. I knitted a brim and a bit in one day, and the rest in the second, final touches like the pompom and my tag on the 3rd day. I think it is perfect, fun, holiday hat and therefore a perfect knitted gift for winter. Who would not like to have lots of Elfs running around in your house.

Elf Zone Hat by Barbara Nalewko KnitCrate & Drops yarn

I like to knit hats, you probably know it by now, and creating something fun that can be worn by anyone is amazing. I know it is a perfect hat for Holiday season and as a gift too. The pattern is for three sizes: small, medium & large. Pick the one you want to knit and go for it. I can't wait to see your finished objects.

Fireworks HAT by Barbara Nalewko with Dragon Hoard Yarn

There are days where I like to grab yarn and just play and see what the hat am I going to knit without thinking too much about it. Something simple, something nice, something with a bit of an interest at the beginning. The body plain stockinette just to be able to grab and go for a walk and knit. Have you tried it? The hat is a matching hat to my Dancing Palms Shawl. Go watch finished object video I have left some interesting links down below it on YouTube check them out.

Hyde Park Hat pattern by Trysten Molina with 100% Polish Wool

First time I saw this hat on The Girls in The Yarn Cafe Podcast and I knew I will knit it. My yarn choice was 100% Polish wool as I do not have any lace mohair that pattern recommends. Once I got into a groove of knitting it I couldn't stop. Love it so much. Check my finished object video and listen more.