Unstoppable Shockwave Hat by Barbara Nalewko with Green Elephant yarn

I am so happy with this hat it is not only a long waited finished work in progress but the fit, design and the whole hat is done with yarn from a local yarn dyer - Green Elephant Yarns. I love the colour and I just realised how cool those two colour ways work together. Unstoppable is from the mini set and Shockwave is the main colour. Who is a pink lover? I love it so much it will look so cute with a little pompom on the top. Let me see if I have any.

Turquoise Hat with WolffundSchafe & Couleurs Mouton yarn

Here is my gift knit hat I haven't posted it on social media as I wanted it to be a full surprise and it was :D I am so happy about it and the way those both yarns WolffundSchafe and Couleurs Mounton yarns worked together giving such a bright but interesting turquoise colour. I love it!!! The hat was knitted with my left overs and under the video on YouTube I leave you links to my previous finish objects ... two hats. I love the finish of it with my little tag with a heart.

Star Hat by Barbara Nalewko with Audine Wools yarn

This hat is my Star Hat. It reminds me of a festive Christmas season but I wear it all the time, just in case someone asks they are not Christmas trees just a crown. I love the top of the hat and the way my star pops out. It is a fitted hat but I have two sizes in this pattern small and medium adult size but I presume that small will fit a child too. All knitted with one size of the needles but you can always add some slouch in the body by changing needles size to slightly bigger. I hope you are going to have fun knitting it. Let me know #knittingilovehat & #starhat.

Green Pear Hat by Barbara Nalewko yarn by KnitCrate

When I get something I love to knit with it straight away. I knew what I was going to do with the yarn I got from the moment I saw it - knit a hat. I had an idea to knit a brim with one end of the yarn and when I finish it I knew I was going to take the other end and stripe the body. I love the final effect and the idea that I could knit this hat using only one skein / one ball / one cake call it whatever you like. I hope you will try to knit this hat and use this fun technique. Let me all about it under the video

Scottish Land Hat by Barbara Nalewko

Scottish Land Hat has been casted on on a Scottish land during our visit in Scotland when we were heading to Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2018. I am so happy with the results and yarn and the knitting itself. I definitely will follow the pattern which I am thinking of writing a pattern. Let me know what do you think? Or a free pattern and tutorial in the future. I am thinking out loud. Anyway, I hope I will get some feedback from you have a nice knitting time.

Nordic Delights Beanie 1 by Nordic Stitches

I received this pattern as a Birthday gift from Lil from Nordic Stitches designs and podcast, so definitely check her out. She not only gifted me this hat but the whole collection. Watch my FO video and see more! It was such a pleasure to knit and as there is one more hat in the collection I am gifting this one to my mum. The yarn is just the luxe so I hope she will feel special. Lots of memories while knitting this hat you can have a peek where I was knitting it... on a ferry to Edinburgh. Check my vlog which the link you can find under the video on YouTube. I have already knitted one pattern from Nordic Stitches - Frozen Shawl, again link under the video. Thank you Lil for such an amazing gift. It was a pleasure to knit it.