Pink Tunic - little pink dress

You need to know one annoying thing about me. When I get a book (I buy it, or I get it). I need to read it or use it. Thatís how I learned how to knit. I got a knitting book with some patterns and the first thing I did from that book was a sock. I did not know that the sock is the most advance garment, but hey I did it. Therefore, I will try to do as many projects as I can (at least those that I like) from the Kids & Toddlers KNITS.

Below you can see my first impressions of this book and a classic Teddy Bear that I did.

Letís back to our little pink dress. While reading the instructions I wasnít sure what the picot idea is. Therefore, I did not join the edge while knitting. I had to google what the picot was and with my error had to use a hook to fold the yarn and join the bottom edge at the back. WellÖ, now I know.

I wanted to do something special therefore I came up with a colour pattern with hearts. I wanted to make it an extra cute.

I am happy with a final effect. Quite proud of myself.


  • 4.0mm (60cm circular - OPTIONAL) needles - KnitPro
  • hook
  • tapestry needle
  • yarn -


  1. I really liked it
  2. I would be tempted to make it with bigger needles