BeauB Cardigan by Lamaison Rililie with Drops Puna yarn

I was looking for a pattern to used up my Drops Puna yarn stash and when I received this pattern as a gift I knew I will going to knit it. Please watch my finished object video to hear more. If only I had the knowledge I have now it would had been for me completely different experience. I believe it was just me as you can see there are more finished objects on revelry and knitters were knitting it with a full colour change. I was to big chicken to do so. Anyway, worth knitting if you have knitted a few garments before would not recommended it to a beginner. I love my finished object as the support I got from other knitters is something you are not going to forget and will remember like those school camps you went once.

Please suggest what next sweater should ended up on my needles under the video on YouTube. I can't wait to hear your recommendations.


Happy Knitting