Mirror Frame - DIY

I made quick decision to make frames for my two IKEA mirrors (which I spent only Ä1 each on sales). They looked more like tiles that you glue to a wall, but I use them from time to time to lighten my photos.

I used the same yarn as my knitted tissue cover to make sure that they do not stand out from the rest of the room. Now, if I had a chance to start all over again I would start a little different then co 9sts.

Two Snoods into a Dress - no knitting involved - DIY

You do not need to know how to knit to be proud of making yourself a nice knitted dress. What you need is 2 snoods. I picked the same color and to be honest I used them before I made that dress, so we can call it that they are second hand. If you like me and you like to from time to time change what you wearing but do not want to waist things that you already have you can try to see if you can make a Dress !!!

Change your SNOOD - Primark - DIY

Something easy to do from one type to the other or vice versa. No knitting involved and the only tool needed - scissors.

I hope you will try one day of course make sure that you practise first on a garment that you don't really like as there is always a small chance that first time may not be successful. It is not the end of the world if you cut something that you would not like to. Just sew it nicely and no one will notice or unravel the whole thing and give yarn to any knitter - they will be delighted well at least I would.