knit Dream Whisperer by Jenn Sheelen - 100% wool

Another amazing Jar Cover designed by Jenn Sheelen. I think it is such a cute idea for present or for yourself. I have already knitted one Jar Cover by Jenn Sheelen - Faerie's Lights. You need to check it too. You can get this pattern on revelry or save a bit and buy it from Jeen's website check links down below. I will be giving this for Christmas to my sister. No worries, she is not into my knitting adventures, she will not know.


  • 2.75mm / US 2 DPNs wooden
  • 1 marker
  • sawing needle for ends
  • yarn - 100% wool - colour cream


  1. PAID FOR PATTERN U5 on Raverly Dream Whisperer by Jenn Sheelen
  2. Jen's SHOP - PAID FOR PATTERN U4 Dream Whisperer by Jenn Sheelen

Enjoy knitting,

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