knit Faerie's Firelight Jar Cover by Jenn Sheelen - yarn 100% Polish wool, needles HiyaHiya Sharp

Pattern for a Christmas Gift but not only just under €5 on raverly (LINK BELOW) or check Jenn's SHOP under €4. Even though this pattern intimidated me when I had it in my favourites on revelry I knew one day I am going to knit it. Jen sneaked into my account and checked what I like - when she noticed her pattern she gifted it to me. I was delighted but frighten at the same time - as I then truly, really, now! wanted to knit it. Without further a do (I hope I wrote this phrase right ;) ) I picked yarn and start knitting.... size, gauge whatever I will buy a new jar to fit it. Luckily it was easier than I thought. Sum up if I could do it you can definitely do it too. Go check below links and have some fun :)


  • 2.25mm 100cm circular needles - HiyaHiya Sharp
  • 1 marker
  • sawing needle for ends
  • yarn - 100% wool - colour cream - some maybe in my shop - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - skeins 30g


  1. PAID FOR PATTERN U5 on Raverly Faerie's Firelight Jar Cover by Jenn Sheelen
  2. Jen's SHOP - PAID FOR PATTERN U4 Faerie's Firelight Jar Cover by Jenn Sheelen

Enjoy knitting,

Hope to see you next time,