What I would knit

Here is one of the knitting books Baby & Toddler Knits made easy, more than 50 projects DK or other website that may be cheaper price, or any craft books, that I have that I would recommend as first one. You basically need to have it or if you have something better than this you NEED to let me know. Leave a comment down below.

You can find over 50 knitting projects: Clothing 13, Toys 12, For the nursery 10 and 17 Accessories. It is a perfect present for any knitter but also for someone who likes crafts and would like to learn how to knit. Why? Because at the end of the book you have info about needed tools and how to use them too, so all techniques used in this books are nicely shown and explained.

There is also an ebook, so compare prices and pick your favorite one.