knit The Little Kindness Monster by Rachel Borello Carroll Mr Right

I have knitted a toy and I am so pleased about it. I am not so great with making little stuffies but it looks that I learn and get better, .... at least I think. The little Kindness Monster is a free pattern that caught my eye The Little Kindness Monster by Rachel Borello Carroll . I have just modified legs, arms and designed a shorts/trousers pattern for this little fella.

knit Voodoo do you love me? by Susane Claudino A Lady Pink

My second Voodoo do you love me? doll PAY PATTERN Voodoo you love me?. The price is over 5euro but as I mentioned before will knit plenty of these. I haven't master it but I still they funny so far so good - kids love them.

knit Voodoo you love me? by Susane Claudino

Are you looking for a quick present for a child? You can stop and check this PAY PATTERN Voodoo you love me?. The price is over 5euro but it is so worth it once you make one you will definitely make more. I will. I had a week to choose a pattern and knit. You know yourself to find pattern is the longest thing and it was true. It took me 3 days but then to knit this little fella 2 days a body and a head and the next day limbs and sewing, probably I would be able to do it in one day. I will challenge myself one to check it actually. That how weird I am :) I hope you like it,

crochet bold Penguin from Madagascar TOY

Another request for a penguin a Toy for birthday. I was looking on raverly for something that would suit, but as I couldn't find therefore my next option is google. I googled this pattern and as it is free you can enjoy it too - Free Pattern Penguin from Madagascar. Go and even compare how different my one to the original looks like.

How I knit Fuzzy Lamb Sheep TOY

I knit this toy for my niece. It took me a week to put knit and put things together. Really fun knit. Of course, the hardest part was for me to sew eyes, nose and mouth. FREE PATTERN Fuzzy Lamb

cat knit chart

Cat Chart - free knit

I am looking for new things and this time I tried to creat a pattern. What pattern is the cutes of them all? A cat pattern. I tried to work it out on the hat, but I am not the best at it so instead I knit this piece, although I will knit it properly on a hat or some sort of a cover.