knit Fine and Dandy SOCKS by The Sweater Co.

It is a Pay Pattern but under €1 - knit Fine and Dandy SOCKS by The Sweater Co.. My FIRST TIME EVER toe up socks!!! What I like about it is that we cast on ash 8sts and we knit, second of all we can without any worry knit as long calf as we want. I may change to this knitting technique / style from now on :) Love it. The pattern itself is quite easy I think I just misunderstood one word, it happens if English is not your first language, but as I heard about this pattern from other podcasters I knew that it is quite simple.

Now, go and treat yourself or spoil someone random person or someone you like - it is less than a coffee.

knit Brownie's SOCKS Recipe for me

I love this pattern Paid Pattern - Brownie's Socks Recipe designed by BrownieKnits. There are two variations of ribbing, calf, one for heel, two for foot and toes.

When I started I just couldn't stop. Love it and I am SO DELIGHTED with the pattern and my work :)

knit Seb's SOCKS

You can find below KALs that I take part in. If someone recommends me to participate with others and I haven't mentioned them in the video I will add them here too (fingers crossed I won't forget). To ALL SOCK KNITTERS - enjoy every stitch.

knit Hermione's Everyday SOCKS

The most famous sock pattern EVER and for FREE - Hermione's Everyday SOCKS designed by Erica Lieder.

I love the pattern, I love all those blues and don't really mind the size of stripes. The only thing that did not click was the quality of yarn - I found some section of a "string" yarn and unfortunately did not disappear after blocking. The second thing was that one stripe colour was missing and the socks did not end up the same.

Socks for Me - 3 mistakes

Learning process, therefore don't make the same mistakes. Over all the technique although I say free patter how to knit two socks at a time you can find here.

knit Blue SOCKS for my mum

It is something about knitting socks. First I thought it will be hard, as needles are so small, but it is kind of relaxing. If you are interested to knit socks on circular needles with magic loop here really good Mina Philipp's FREE PATTERN Would like to knit another one but I need to plan a hat for February's giveaway hat.