knit Diagon Alley SOCKS by Mina Philipp - Regia

Check pattern Diagon Alley SOCKS by Mina Philipp. I had to try Mina's sock pattern as she is a Sock Knitting Quinn not only she has a head full of new patterns and designs but she knits so so so so SO fast :) I just had to knit at least one and now I know that it will not only be the only one. To what I couldn't resist the most the sale she had during her birthday so I would encourage you to follow her on Instagram and her Knitting Expat Podcast.

knit Wave Ankle SOCKS - needles KnitPro Zings - yarn unknown

First Time Ever Ankle Socks. I just had to used to KnitPro Zings DPNs but other than that so nice. The pattern will be for FREE hopefully soon Wave Ankle SOCKS by knittingILove so please comment or PM me to speed things up if you want to knit these socks. I used Fish Lips Kiss heel and as you know by now it is a paid for pattern I will include something else in this pattern. Quite a marine theme for this pair - like ropes and waves :)

knit Basket Rib from Socktacular KnitPicks - yarn KnitPicks Felici Ever After

Hello everyone, if you have watched my short FO video I promised you links to three websites: project bag Hand Made by Diane very well made and you definitely will find fabric that you like, my shop with knittingILovePouches and final KnitPicks Felici Ever After colour way.... nope no luck but here is KnitPicks Felici with different colour ways.

knit SOCKS - KPCyarn

Hi everyone, I have a few balls of KPCyarn I was lucky enough to be gifted some of their yarns for test knit. I would love to share that love with you too so check my next knittingILove Podcast ep 25 as not only I will be giving away some yarn but also a project bag. Oh my, I can't wait to see who will win that!!!!

knit Plain Vanilla SOCKS

There is no pattern for this. I will write down how I knitted these socks. The only pattern that I used, which is a pay for pattern is Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. Watch video as I am telling you how many stitches I cast on and what toe decreases I do. Below you can find video from my shopping where I got Drops Fabel yarn and also another video in which I am showing you 30 mini hats which I knitted in 2015 and explain you a little bit why did I do it. Happy Watching :)

knit Fine and Dandy SOCKS by The Sweater Co.

It is a Pay Pattern but under €1 - knit Fine and Dandy SOCKS by The Sweater Co.. My FIRST TIME EVER toe up socks!!! What I like about it is that we cast on ash 8sts and we knit, second of all we can without any worry knit as long calf as we want. I may change to this knitting technique / style from now on :) Love it. The pattern itself is quite easy I think I just misunderstood one word, it happens if English is not your first language, but as I heard about this pattern from other podcasters I knew that it is quite simple.

Now, go and treat yourself or spoil someone random person or someone you like - it is less than a coffee.