KINDA MAGIC SOCKS - Wool and the Gang

It was quite an interesting knit. I am wondering would I be able to divide ball to knit two at a time socks on circular needles. Very fun pattern that I am wondering how it would look if I knitted a sock head hat with it.

Clover Socks with Patons yarn

Such a quick and simple knit. Two at a time socks from toes up and with two at a time afterthought heel. They flew off the needles it just took me a while to record a finish object video. Evening time is not the time for me. I hope you are going to like it anyway. Please share your finish objects or even wips by using #knittingILove on Instagram as I love to browse through your yarny goodness too. Happy gift or selfish knitting everyone. Big love.

By The Ocean with Rico yarn

Amazing FREE PATTERN when I saw it I had to knit it. The pattern is by so talented, Lilli from Nordic Stitches Podcast, and here is more of her designs - Nordic Stitches. Go have a look. I have also sent a special thanks to Grace from Babbles Travelling Yarns Podcast Babbles Travelling Yarns Podcast for untangling this yarn for me, just to let you know she has started dyeing her own yarn BabblesYarns on Etsy. Amazing colours and I haven't had a chance to grab a skein but I am sure I will for a hat.

Blue Socks yarn Crelando from Lidl

Normally, I don't buy yarn in a grocery shop but this time I noticed sock yarn in Lidl and I couldn't resist. Of course, I saw yarn in the shop before from time to time they put something but mostly acrylic and don't get me wrong around 2 years ago I have bought lots. However, I was so curious how they knit up that I couldn't resist and cast them on straight away. This is again a gift knitting - for Christmas.

Jungle Fever SOCKS with Sirdar 162

Another GIFT KNITTING and another pair for myself.

Grand Canyon Socks with Drops Fabel yarn

Another GIFT KNITTING this time for my sister for her birthday. I hope she is going to like them. In the video I am telling you also how many stitches I cast on and how many rows I have in a foot, what decreases I do for toes and heels. Go and have a look.