knittingILove ep30 - anniversary, yarn, INGLOT and knitting

In this episode I mix EVERYTHING and the actual knitting segment can be found after 28min. I hope you can forgive me that :) I had a long break a bit of Holidays visit my family here and there and I couldn't resist and bring you something special too. I hope you like this episode giveaway: yarn NAKO Boho - sock yarn, INGLOT shadows and eyeliner, knittingILove pouch colour orange and cream with Vitamin A. I know the last one is unusual gift but I like it and use it as a night cream --- forgot to mention that during the podcast ----. I hope you enjoyed this one and to see you next time

SHOPS MENTIONED - my lovely bag where I have Wolf Woods shawl, I show it in section ON MY NEEDLES

WolffundShafe on Etsy yarn - I knit Wolf Woods Shawl with this yarn

knittingILove Shop - knittingILove POUCHES and Markers


This episode GIVEAWAY

Let's celebrate my 10th Year Wedding Anniversary - to be honest it doesn't feel 10 maybe 3.... just sharing a feeling with those who are just starting this journey or just wandering how it is. I bought some things to share with you my friends and there are: yarn NAKO Boho - sock yarn, INGLOT shadows and eyeliner, knittingILove pouch colour orange and cream with Vitamin A. Please watch video to get more details.


knittingILove Revelry #knitahatKAL & #knittingILoveShawlKAL


knittingILove Revelry thread

Well, I didn't put anyone into THE JAR this episode - I hope you forgive me. But I pulled out 2 winners !!!!!

NOVEMBER WINNERS: The Yarn Hoarder (Amber) | The Knit Kid Podcast (Gavin)


Flax SWEATER designed by TinCanKnits - FREE PATTERN

Wolf Woods by "Amanita" Agata Mackiewicz - PAID FOR PATTERN U5 - I bought it from my #getFITandKNIT challenge :)

Mrs Ankle Socks


????? Hat - maybe new design and will enter it to a few KALS

MR socks - for Sebastian


Smaug the African Flower Dragon by Heidi Bears - PAID FOR PATTERN U8

Pattern Mentioned

Serena Shadow Shawl by Antonia Shankland FREE PATTERN - I knit a matching hat

Podcasters Mentioned

WolffundShafe Podcast (Magdalena) - I am using Magdalena's yarn knitting Wolf Woods

Babbles Travelling Yarns (Grace) - who I watched lately

Knitting Expat (Mina) - I mentioned the toe she uses in her socks - I used it for MR Socks and MRS Socks

The Yarn Hoarder Podcast (Amber) - IN THE JAR

Bad Wolf Girl Sits and Knits (Meg) - best make up

LegacyKnitz Podcast (Chelsea and Sue) - who I watched lately

Inside Number 23 (Katie) - best make up

Sunshine and Bubblegum Podcast (Lynne) - September In The Jar winner

The Yarn Hoarder Podcast (Amber) - IN THE JAR section :)

If I forgot about something comment on YouTube and I will add more info here,

Thank you for watching and listening,