Irish Grass HAT

This Hat to be honest a set, I will leave a link to video down below was made for my high school best friend. I wanted to make something that it is from Ireland therefore I chose 100% Irish Wool from Kerry Woollen Mills (green colour) and another wool that I got from my mum. I made it in Ireland therefore I think it is something that can be classified as a quite original present.

I wanted to knit a FREE PATTERN Belida's Dream hat by DROPS DESIGN but I did not follow everything.


My FIRST EVER Beret. I have never had one and neither knitted one! There is always something that can be done for the first time. Yeah! I made this beret from a FREE KNITTING PATTERN - created by DROPS DESIGNS

Knit HAT & SNOOD for auntie

Another project that I would like to share with you. I don't know do you remember but I love my Brown Crown HEADBAND especially this zig-zag pattern thing. I wanted to do it more, and here I am with a hat and a snood that was requested from my aunt. I hope she likes it because as usual I tried new things.

Elf (Harry Potter) Christmas HAT

You probably know that I do not only like knitting but reading too. I love to read and I am super excited if there is a small knitting motive in a book. Therefore, this Elf Christmas Hat is inspired by 5th book of Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Not only I used this to make something from a book, but this hat will be my GIVEAWAY for NOVEMBER 2015 as person will probably get it in December, so good timing.

Happy Light Derg HAT

Happy Light Derg because it was finish on the coast of Lough Derg lake in Co. Clare in IRELAND. It is nice to plan a weekend and go somewhere not too far but still feel that rest and tranquillity.

Pink Hat - warm, cozy and cute

I made this hat in 2 days and please don't think that I was sitting none stop and knitting all day, as that would not be true. It is quite an easy project and the effect of it is really good. Don't get me wrong I was myself shocked how good effect I achieved. If you can knit try to mix pink color it will be the best present ever for almost any girl. If you don't know how to knit and you would like to wear this hat you can enter my September 2015 giveaway (I make a hat each month and give it away check my YouTube channel if you are interested).