Pina Colada HAT with Tamiwi Colors and Craftfulness yarn

FREE PATTERN yay! I am so happy I can share this one with you. I knitted it during my holiday and I love it so much as it is orange. The colour may not suit me but somehow I love orange too. Are you fancy to knit it check the link Pina Colada Hat by Barbara Nalewko aka knittingILove.

Jana's HAT by Jana Halasova & Carol O'Leary with Hedgehog Fibres yarn

I had this gorgeous INK colour from Hedgehog Fibres for a while (2 year!!!) in a cake and I really wanted to knit it something with it. Eventually, I took this yarn for a trip and while I was browsing through patterns I found amazing pattern by Jana Halasova and Carol O'Leary who designed it for Hedgehog Fibres. I could not resist as not only it is a beautiful hat but also the pattern is for FREE - Jana's HAT by Jana Halasova & Carol O'Leary. You hold a finger weight yarn double so it gives some kind of sporty DK effect. I love it and I hope you do if you do and will knit it don't forget to show me use #knittingILove.

Shadow Hat with Shadow Yarn dyed by a friend

I love knitting with yarn that I received from knitters. The knitting is even more special for me. I will be taking this hat and thinking where I knitted it and form who I got it. I think it is the best present ever - thank you.

Tie Dye HAT with Super Crafty Girl yarn

FIRST TIME EVER PROJECT KNITTED WITH A SOCK BLANK!!!! You see even small things can make happiness. I am truly that simple - hi hi hi. Amazing bright, fun colours helped me to finish this hat as I had some difficulties with moving stitches while working in a round. Go watch my video I will tell you all about it.

Blue Morpho Knitologie HAT yarn Knitcrate

This one was all about yarn I saw this colour and I knew it is going to be fingering weight hat.... it just had to be. I love the effect it shows an amazing stripes with neon highlights. The hat has dark colour as a base and this butterfly effect is amazing. I love it so much. I used less than 50g so the next 50g I can knit another hat or socks with contrast heels and toes or just give it to a friend to have almost matching hats. I do not know what to do - beautiful colour.

Forgotten Path HAT by Barbara Nalewko, Seawall Fibres & Malabrigo yarn

My NEW design a hat to match your beautiful shawls Forgotten Path Hat . It is a bottom up fingering weight hat with charts, knitted in a round. I hope you will enjoy knitting it. Please don't forget to share it with us #knittingILoveHAT and #ForgottenPathHAT. Thank you for your support.