knit My Cave HAT with WolffundSchafe yarn

Thank you so much you all for following my knitting adventure. I have tried a bit of cables - not ready to write a pattern yet, although I have MAYBE an idea how to do it. Please let me know would you like to knit it? The most I like is the YARN - It is everything I could dream of: a perfect colour and the way it knits up - just gorgeous!!! I have a bit left 40g and I am thinking to add it to some shawl in the future so I will have some matching set. Share with me your finished objects on Instagram by using #knittingILove - I really want to see them :) Don't forget we have annual knit a hat KAL on rav - check it out too.

knit Shaggy Beanie from KnitCrate, Ewe Ewe Yarns

Once I opened a KnitCrate box for December 2016 I just had to knit with this yarn and as the pattern was this lovely Shaggy Beanie by Heather Walpole & Pineapple Expressions I just had to knit one of them. The colours of yarns that I received told me everything. Check KnitCrate Boxes and don't forget to use code KIL20 for your 20% off - thank you KnitCrate. It was so much fun to knit it as you could definitely make it in a day or two.

knit Hunting HAT - Leading Men Fiber Arts yarn

To knit this hat I used 60g of worsted weight yarn by Leading Men Fiber Arts in Turkey Run. I received this yarn as a Gift from Amber from The Yarn Hoarder Podcast. When I saw it I knew what I am going to do with it - to knit a hat for Sebastian. A friend from Instagram suggested a name a hunting hat as it would suit perfectly with a hat for a guy. No pattern but if you really really want let me know :)

knit Simple (Santa) Hat by knittingILove Barbara Nalewko - Hedgehog Fibre yarn

My second PAID FOR PATTERN U2- knit Simple (Santa) Hat by knittingILove Barbara Nalewko. The pattern hopefully will be released the latest on 1st of Dec - it is a quick knit and so much fun. My hat is quite big and slouchy but you can increase od decrees number of stitches during the cast on. It is knitted bottom up. I wish you all a happy knitting..

knit Leaf HAT by knittingILove Barbara Nalewko - Julie Asselin yarn

My first time ever PAID FOR PATTERN U4- knit Leaf HAT by knittingILove Barbara Nalewko. Let's knit a hat. I had so much fun knitting this pattern and such a mixed feelings while my AMAZING test knitters were knitting it. I was amazed that so many people knit something that I made / created, and secondly the feeling of someone finding an error in my pattern is priceless ;P :) Hopefully it is error free and you will love your hat as much as I love mine :) Almost forgot link to Hand Made bags by Diane.

knit Picacho Peak HAT by Alyssa Latuchie - Debbie Bliss yarn and Pony needles

FREE PATTER - Picacho Peak HAT by Alyssa Latuchie. I was looking for a hat, which would match my Whispering Pines Shawl and I found this. I love this pattern as it is not only a fast knit but also it has a chart and lately I love charts. If you have any suggestions what other hats you would recommend me to knit please leave comment down below the video on YouTube. I love this knit.